Pictures Of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay In Infants
Tooth Decay In Infants

Decaying Teeth Small
Baby Tooth Decay Treatment
Baby Tooth Decay Treatment

Reversing Tooth Decay Small
Side Effects Of Tooth Decay
Side Effects Of Tooth Decay

Dental Decay Small

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Decay Teeth
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Andiswa says:

Hy people i just dont mean to be fude but care about ur tooth decay when u hve it

Bethan John says:

I am a student health visitor, as part of my course I have to submit an academic poster. My topic for discussion is dental caries/ oral care. I would like to ask you'r permission to reproduce some of you'r illustrations in my poster. Regards Bethan John

shahid says:


the own COOL says:

Bahhhhh - -Jaden Flaz - Jaden Flaz

the own COOL says:

I'm going to die - Jaden Flaz

the own COOL says:

I don't have decay but my son does HELP. -Jaden Flaz

nabiya jahan says:

Nabiya is 20 months now.Her upper 4 of middle teeth is going to be decayed gradually.the teeth are felt very soft.How to stop decay of teeth.please give me proper consultation.

Raymond says:

Need dental attention

Raymond says:

This is so unpleasant

Ava says:

Those teeth look very UGLY!
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